Minutes for Chapter 78 March 6th Meeting

Minutes for Chapter 78 March 6th Meeting

There were 14 members and two guests present

The meeting was called to order at 5 PM at Mario’s Restaurant in Indian Wells

We opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance

Shannon read the minutes of the February meeting Bob made a motion to accept the minutes and Ron seconded it they were unanimously accepted.

Sy read the treasures report after helping new member with their dues we had 4790 dollars in our checking account and there were no bills against the chapter.

Richard Bentley

Walmart has changes the non-profit designation they will support we do not qualify for a grant.

Discussed the need to find new sources for fund raising.

Tour De Palm revenue did not cover our expenses I recommended we no longer do the military Caps fund raising there because of the overhead cost. We should focus on the raffle ticket and getting people to ride for us. Bob Solomon will take the lead on this. Bob has some ideas for us to do well in the future.  

Veterans University was well attended and Sy was presented the first annual Shirly Powell Award by Congressmen Ruiz I show a video of the ceremony it is on our web site for viewing.


The profiles for the SY Kaplan scholarship award will be ready the second week of April.

Shannon will be out of town for our April meeting.

Ron and Eddie

Completed 8 hours of training for Hospice. They have both visited veterans nearing the end of their life and present them with certificates thanking them for there their service.

A homeless veteran came to the veterans resource center at the Palm Desert library. He was medically discharged from the Marines and Ed worked with him to File his claims and he will be getting his richly earned disability benefits . Good Job Ed


announced the elks club will be holding an Hawaiian Laua on April 8th admission is 20 dollars’

The meeting ended with a moment of silence followed by a prayer and the salute to the flag

Our next meeting is April 3rd 5:oo PM at Cocos.




Minutes for the February 6th meeting

            Minutes for the February 6th meeting

There were 16 members and 3 guests present

The meeting was called to order 5pm and held at Coco’s Restaurant

We opened with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Shannon read the minutes of the January meeting and they were unanimously accepted.

Richard on behalf of Sy Kaplan

Stated there were no bills against the chapter.



Informed the attendees that our Treasure nearly died from raspatory failure two weeks ago and is presently at the Coletta Rehab facilities. He slowly improving and may be there for a few more weeks.

Discussed the Tour De Palm Springs and the need for across the board support of the fund-raising effort by signing riders on our behalf and sell more raffle tickets.

Announced the Veterans University be held on March 3rd at the Agua Caliente Casino from 8am to 3pm

Also, the Veterans Expo on April 7th at the Indio Fairgrounds from 8am to 1 pm.


The Scholarship candidates should be chosen by our March meeting


Asked everyone to bring him content for our website


Spoke of his presentation to the Alzheimer’s Clinic on care and attendance policy of the VA

Veterans military designation on your driver’s license



discussed his trip to Victorville to help process disability claims for the district

Michael Bacca

Informed us we are two members away from hitting recruitment goal for the year

Deputy District Commander Sherrell

 Paid for our dinner

She then introduced our guest speaker Cozette Trip from Kinder Sprit Hospice.


Cozette Tripp

Spent 20 minutes discussing their veteran service offering. We were all surprised at the comprehensive program they have.

She also discussed the need for veterans to become volunteers in their program. To visit veterans in their homes. So far Eddie and Ron have volunteered.

Before we closed Richard brought up our reason for being here is more then enjoying a dinner. Our soul purpose of our chapter is to improve the quality of life of the veterans in the Coachella Valley, and this is something you should think about daily.

We closed the meeting at 6:45 with a moment of silence followed by a prayer and a salute to the flag.

The next meeting is March 6th at 5pm.

Sept 2016 meeting notes

Sept 2016 meeting notes

Notes from September 6th 2016 DAV meeting

We opened the meeting by recognizing Sy Kaplan's 25 years ‘of Service as commander of chapter 78 of The Disabled American Veterans.  We recognized his commitment to serving the veteran’s community of Coachella Valley.

We then discussed the importance for chapter 78 to broaden our membership and attract younger veterans to ensure the long term future of chapter 78.

We spent a fair amount of time bringing everyone up to date on the Patriots Ride for Our Heroes to be held October 21st to the 23rd. We will be involved in helping set up on the morning of the 21st. We also will have a booth where we will be selling veterans caps. This booth will be located in what they called The Kids Zone and we are also setting up a location where the kids will be able to interview a veteran. I asked as many of our members as possible to give me a schedule of their availability that weekend, so we will always have a veteran to interact with the children. I think this is a great idea for the children attending to be able to spend some time with a DAV member and get an understanding of what our veterans have done for their country. I also think it will be great location for our booth to get maximum visibility.

We spent some time discussing our Veterans Day Forget Me Not sales and I brought up our Memorial Day forget-me-not sales and noted we were only at three locations. We had a successful weekend raising money which all stays in the Valley to help our veterans. I asked everyone to please find time the 8- 11th of November to sit in front of one of our locations. We will be able to double the amount of contributions with more locations covered. I will announce the locations we will be covering at our next meeting on October 4th.

Roundtable discussions

Peter mentioned he has done a lot of research on the need of veterans suffering from PTSD. We made the decision for chapter 78 to make this our Flagship issue four this year with Peter to lead the way.

Dick mentioned his son sadly lost his battle with cancer. He said that in an effort to get his son needed medical help he realized there is a lot available to the veteran’s in need. The problem is the veterans aren’t aware of it. He said our local congressman's office was very helpful. he offered his assistance to anyone that needs it.

Peggy talked about the needs of our women veterans and the lack of understanding exactly what their needs are. She also mentioned there's a higher percentage women of veterans needing emotional counseling help than there are men.

We had 3 visitors from chapter 60 Disabled American Veterans located at 29 Palms. They were Michael Smith see you vice commander ‘Allen Pagdiolo Service Officer and Wade Lemming Commander They spoke of their upcoming air rifle event you’ll find details on our website.