DAV Chapter 78 – Sy Kaplan Scholarship

Good Afternoon My Fellow Veterans,

On Tuesday, Bob Soleman and I (Shannon Kistler) had the pleasure of awarding the DAV Chapter 78 - Sy Kaplan Scholarship.  The recipient is an amazing young lady named Jami Jeres. Jami is the grand-daughter of a Veteran. Here is a little more information about the recipient:

Jami not only excelled at making good grades with a 4.465 GPA she was also in the Marching Band for 4 years and plays the flute, piano, oboe as well as percussion instruments. She is also a part of the CSF-California Scholarship Federation and the GSA-Gay-Straight Alliance. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Jami has participated in many volunteer activities including Relay for Life, the American Heart 5K Walkathon, the Ronald McDonald House 5K, the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House, the Desert Springs Healthcare & Wellness Nursing Home, as well as the Desi Strong Foundation.

Jami plans to get a degree in Psychology with a Double Major in Music and then return to the Coachella Valley and create an organization for troubled teens that is open 24 hours a day where teens can get counseling, make friends and know that there is always a place for them where they will feel safe, be safe and not be or feel alone. And we, at the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 78, were able to assist in helping this young lady start her journey towards achieving that dream.

We are looking forward to following up with Jami as she starts the next chapter of her life. Also, Betty, Jami's Mother (Betty) will be at our September meeting to talk about Jami, her dreams as well as Jami's grandfather, who was a fellow Veteran.

Hope everyone is well,
~Shannon Kistler
Adjutant, DAV Chapter 78

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